The Ninth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining (Deep Mining 2019) will be held at the Misty Hills Conference Centre, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg on 24 and 25 June 2019. Conferences in this series have previously been hosted in Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Chile. Around the world, mines are getting deeper and the challenges of stress damage, squeezing ground, and rockbursts are everpresent and increasing. Mining methods and support systems have evolved slowly to improve the management of excavation damage and safety of personnel, but damage still occurs and personnel are injured. Techniques for modelling and monitoring have been adapted and enhanced to help us understand rock mass behaviour under high stress. Many efficacious dynamic support products have been developed, but our understanding of the demand and capacity of support systems remains uncertain.


To create an international forum for discussing the challenges associated with deep and high stress mining and to present advances in technology.

Deep Mining 2019 Announcement